Paula Gustafson—Paintings and Illustrations


I am mainly a landscape painter opting to paint outside on location, weather permitting. But I often paint in my studio more and more, as I age and the weather, here in northern Minnesota, can be challenging.

You might note that I also paint “abstractly”. These painting, to me, are still landscapes, just not done on location but from experience and memory.

Painting outside often provides additional entertainment, not only painting but the stories that seem to go with every painting. From the people who stop to chat and the stories they tell to catastrophic events that range from weather challenges to animal and bug encounters to, at least twice, having to follow my easel and painting into a lake, taking a bath, as it were, for arts sake.

I chase the light like many before me, a tradition and obsession.  I am constantly looking for that visual spark whether I am actively painting or just going about my general activities. In this way I am always painting.

Maryland Institute College of Art,

Baltimore Maryland (B.F.A.)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Chicago Illinois (M.F.A.)

If you have any questions or are interested in

purchasing a painting, or just want to chat,

you may contact me:


Off the SHT     10” x 20”  approx.      Canvas Panel